What is Geriatric
Care Management?

What is Geriatric Care Management?

Geriatric Care Management Helps You Make Great Decisions

With a Geriatric Care Manager on board assisting your family and parent you will receive an individualized plan of care that honors the commitments of everyone involved and maximizes the wellness of your older adult. Geriatric Care Managers are your advocate throughout the aging journey. Our Care Managers go above and beyond to ensure the best services for the elderly in their own home or assisted living and are particularly helpful when confronted with challenging issues such as:

  • Family living at a distance
  • A senior who is resistant to care and at risk
  • Medication noncompliance
  • Missed medical appointments
  • Challenging family dynamics
  • Transitioning out of the family home

Living Life Well is Our Top Priority

Careplan will:

  • Help you make the best long-term care arrangements
    (Living at home versus an assisted living, nursing home etc.)
  • Keep adult children informed
  • Evaluate safety concerns and reduce risks of hospitalization
  • Coordinate and arrange for medical appointments
  • Use select local resources to save time and money
  • Help steer clear of medical emergencies
  • Help pursue previous interests and hobbies
  • Monitor the older adult at home or in long-term care


“Bridget and Careplan were the single most important factor in helping me with my peace of mind as I was going through a very long process of taking care of my mother. They asisted me through her transition from her home to rehab, and finally to hospice. The guidance I received helped me wade through the incredibly confusing waters of the geriatric care system. Bridget’s knowledge of Medicare and Medicaid, and her personal experience with regional nursing homes, helped me make all the right decisions for my mother in an appropriate and timely manner. Without Careplan, and Bridget’s thoughtful assistance, I would have never known how to help my mother through this very challenging time. I recommend Careplan without reservation!”

Rene - Highland Heights, Ohio


“I’ve referred several of my friends to Bridget for assistance with their elderly parents. They couldn’t thank me enough for the referral. Prior to their Careplan meeting they were not aware of any service providers that provide this kind of service. In each situation, my friends received the right amount of support their unique situations required. They couldn’t be happier. They’ve gone on to recommend Careplan to their family and friends.”

Janet – Westlake, Ohio


“I have referred several clients to Bridget Ritossa at Careplan. She exhibits unparalleled expertise, compassion as well as professionalism in attending to the needs of each of her clients and their extended family members. Bridget has an abundance of resources, contacts and services that are truly a benefit for families. Bridget will explain the entire process as well as pros and cons of in-home care, assisted living or more specific skilled nursing facilities so that families can make a well-informed and confident decision on the best long-term needs for their family. In addition, I have personally use Bridget and her services to assist in the management of more than one of my immediate family members. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for assistance with aging family members.”

Denise- Kirtland, Ohio


“I am a social worker in the Cleveland area and have had the pleasure of working with Bridget Ritossa several times in assisting with the coordination of various services and needs of her clients. She has always been prompt, professional, but, above all, caring and compassionate. Bridget alleviates much of the stress and anxiety that comes with assisting a love one, especially from a distance. She is an asset to families and clients alike.”

Emily - Beachwood, Ohio


“As a nurse having experienced both hospital and home care settings, I cannot underestimate the importance of a knowledgeable and compassionate care manager. I have experienced many cases where the current home situation is no longer safe, healthy, or appropriate because of declining physical and/or mental health. Knowing where, when and who to turn to can be difficult. For that reason, Bridget has made that transition much easier for many families. She has the knowledge, compassion and the will to search out the best resources for the client and family. As a result, I trust her to do a competent and thorough job each and every time.”

Maria - Chagrin Falls, Ohio


“Careplan Geriatric Care Managers helped with guiding my mother and father-in-law from their home to an assisted living. Our geriatric care manager met us in the hospital after my father-in-law was diagnosed with heart failure. My mother-in-law also had Parkinson’s and could not be left alone. Bridget Ritossa and Careplan Geriatric Care Managers found reputable in-home help for Mother while Father was in the Cleveland Clinic. To find the best care community for us, Bridget worked with the hospital discharge planner and our insurance. She took into consideration our finances and lifestyle. My parents are both currently living together in a life care community in Cleveland. It offers all I could want for them; great care, social activities and peace of mind for me and my siblings.”

Karen - Westlake, Ohio