Comprehensive Geriatric Home Care Assessment

Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment

Home Care Assessment
Above all services, the most requested service is The Home Care Assessment. Therefore, it is the single most important tool in a care managers tool box. The geriatric home care assessment aids in the diagnosis of medical conditions, development of treatment and follow-up plans, coordination of management of care, and evaluation of long-term care needs and optimal placement.

In contrast to a standard medical evaluation, the geriatric assessment differs by including non-medical domains as well as emphasizing functional capacity and quality of life. It usually yields a more complete and relevant list such as medical problems, functional problems, and psycho-social issues. As a result, the home care assessment findings are used to develop an individualized care plan. Our Care Managers are ready to anwser any questions you may have.


“Bridget and Careplan were the single most important factor in helping me with my peace of mind as I was going through a very long process of taking care of my mother. They asisted me through her transition from her home to rehab, and finally to hospice. The guidance I received helped me wade through the incredibly confusing waters of the geriatric care system. Bridget’s knowledge of Medicare and Medicaid, and her personal experience with regional nursing homes, helped me make all the right decisions for my mother in an appropriate and timely manner. Without Careplan, and Bridget’s thoughtful assistance, I would have never known how to help my mother through this very challenging time. I recommend Careplan without reservation!”

Rene - Highland Heights, Ohio