Recognizing Elder Abuse and Reporting it.


Careplan Geriatric Care Managers are Mandated Reporters. Our Care Managers are dedicated to protecting our most vulnerable and fastest growing population in Ohio. If you have a client or are a concerned family member and are not sure where to turn there are professionals who can help assess and determine the best course of action.

The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services supervises the state’s Adult Protective Services program, which helps vulnerable adults age 60 and older who are in danger of harm, are unable to protect themselves and may have no one to assist them. County departments of job and family services receive and investigate reports of abuse, neglect and exploitation and evaluate the need for protective services. To report suspected abuse, call the statewide, toll-free help line at 1-855-644-6277 or contact your county department of job and family services.

Elder abuse refers to any knowing, intentional or negligent act by a caregiver or any other person that causes harm or a serious risk of harm to a vulnerable adult, according to the U.S. Administration for Community Living. It can happen anywhere, anytime, and often affects the most vulnerable members of the community. While approximately 16,000 reports of abuse, neglect and exploitation are made each year in Ohio, the National Institutes of Health estimates that these reports represent only one in 14 cases.

Factors that raise the risk of elder abuse, neglect or exploitation:
(Source: National Center on Elder Abuse)

  • Lack of support from family, friends and neighbors
  • Dementia
  • Previous experiences of domestic violence and other traumatic events
  • Declining physical health and ability
  • Living with a large number of household members other than a spouse
  • Lower income or poverty
  • Lack of access to – or failure to take advantage of – available community services and supports
  • Age (under 70)
  • Race (African-American)
  • Gender (female)

Careplan Geriatric Care Managers are licensed social workers and nurses that are trained to assess and manage the care needs of older adults. We advocate for wellness while adult children are away. Careplan can monitor older adults in their home or at a facility. Call Careplan and assist with a plan for wellness at (440) 476-9534 or email us at this link.

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